Audunn and Marie in London (July 2005)

At the Tower Bridge

The Tower of London

Begun by William the Conqueror after 1066, the Tower is best known as a prison, palace, and place of execution. The prisoners executed here include Scottish
patriot, William Wallace (a.k.a Mel Gibson in "Braveheart"), Sir Walter Raleigh, and Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard (Henry VIII's 2nd and 5th wives).

The White Tower, which has remained unchanged for over 900 years, is one of the oldest parts of the Tower of London. It now houses a collection of armor.

View of the Queen's House and the ravens within the Tower of London

Audunn with one of the Beefeaters outside the Bloody Tower

Audunn at the Site of the Scafford on the Tower Green, where the executions of seven high-ranking prisoners took place.

The elaborate Egyptian decor at the main escalators at Harrods, which has
over 300 departments and occupies about 15 acres spread out over 7 floors.
Marie shopping at Harrods - of course!

Audunn outside the British Museum

The Rosetta Stone (196 BC) includes Egyptian hieroglyphs,
a cursive form of Egyptian, and Greek, which allowed
Egyptian hieroglyphs to be deciphered for the first time.

Examples from the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Greek galleries

With the controversial Elgin Marbles, which were removed from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin.

At the Nereid Monument

More examples of the Elgin Marbles

On George Street with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in the background

The Entrance to Horse Guards from Whitehall

British Airways London Eye and the Saatchi Gallery on the Thames


                        Audunn and Joe at the Wellington Arch across from Hyde Park                                                                               In London's Chinatown

A "smart" car next to a Porsche- talk about sub-compact!


                                      Dinner outdoors just off Oxford Street with Sevil and Dilek                             With Sigurgeir, Elín, Sandra, Unnur and Pétur in Blackheath

Greetings to the guys at work