Iceland (July 2009)

With Auðunn's brother, Steinar, right before Leó and Ingibjörg's wedding

Auðunn with Steinar and their dad, Lúðvík

Auðunn and his niece, Sóley, before the wedding

Steinar and Auðunn showing who has the more massive chest
Auðunn and his mom, Guðrún
Leó and Ingibjörg exiting the church amid bubbles and cheers from family and friends
Here's a better view of Ingibjörg's dress and flowers and their classic ride.
The happy bride and groom
Auðunn's niece, Moeyður ("Móa"), drinking from an Icelandic drinking fountain outside Súfistinn in Hafnarfjörður
Now that's good Icelandic water!
Lúðvík and Margrét's small and big summer houses are in southern Iceland near Hekla. Lúðvík built both houses in Reykjavík and moved them to the countryside.
Geysir, the gushing hot spring from which the term "geyser" originates, is in southwest Iceland. However, Geysir is no longer very active. Every now and then soap is used to cause an eruption of about 200 ft.
(61 m).

Just beside Geysir is Strokkur (Icelandic for "butter churn"), which is much more active but not as spectacular.

Click here for a video (~34MB) of Strokkur erupting.

Gullfoss ("Golden Falls") in southwest Iceland is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. At Gullfoss, the Hvítá ("White River") falls in two stages, first about 36 ft. (11 m) then about 70 ft. (21 m), before plunging into a crevice that's 105 ft. (32 m) deep.

Click here for the first video (~25MB) and the second video (~47MB) of Gullfoss.

Marie at the overlook at Gullfoss
Auðunn with the ever-present rainbow on the trail at Gullfoss

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